Oh my goodness, these last two weeks were nuuuuuuts. Our trip home from New York City was delayed because James got sick and wasn’t allowed to fly (he was having some breathing issues, the doctors suspect he has asthma so we are now getting that investigated). When we finally got home we had to quickly jump back into real life because school was starting! We now have a fourth-grader and a first-grader. How on earth did that happen? How is Annie already an upper-grader? How is James already going to school all day? I didn’t give either of them permission to get so old. Although, it sure is nice to have a regular routine again. AND, as a work-from-home-parent, my daily productivity quadrupled with them out of the house! Still…my babies…they’re growing too fast.

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Taking Annie back-to-school shopping this year was a trip. Everything she wanted to buy was straight out of the 80s. She wanted scrunchies, overalls (but only one side fastened), crocs, puka shell necklaces, friendship bracelets, oversized shirts…I swear, I felt like I was shopping for myself in fourth grade. Apparently, this all now part of a trend called “VSCO,” (pronounced viss-co) and Annie is all about it. I like to occasionally torture her with pictures of myself at her age wearing almost identical clothing, LOL. At least this is a fairly wholesome trend…I really hope grunge doesn’t come back because I cannot live through dirty hair and Baja hoodies again (even though those ponchos were super comfortable!).

Fun Finds

~After a lot of back-and-forth, Annie finally decided on this cool striped backpack. “It’s very VSCO, mom.” Okay. So long, unicorns.
~I’ve heard AMAZING things about this “Zombie” face mask, so I finally got it. I’ve used it once and my skin felt great! I’m looking forward to seeing how the results add up over several uses. I will report back!
~Annie also picked out these classic Vans for her new shoes, and says they’re “the most comfortable shoe she’s ever owned.” Now, anyone who has actually owned Vans knows that while they do eventually become incredibly comfortable, they’re absolutely brutal on your feet while you break them in. But these shoes didn’t leave a single red mark on her feet or heels, so perhaps she found a magical pair.

Happy Sunday, everyone!