It’s the last weekend of summer for Annabel! We’re both excited for her to go back to school, while also being sad her break is over. Last week, my mom took her clothes shopping, I bought her some shoes, and she got her back-to-school haircut. I told the hairdresser to keep the tiniest bit of color on the ends of her hair. It’s mostly faded into a very light pink, and soon it will just be blonde. Annie was sooo excited when she saw there was a bit of color left. What can I say, I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

Her hair is ridiculous.

Important Reads

Some of these might be difficult, but all of them are incredibly important. I hope you make the time to read them. Scream into your sheet cake while you read, but then get up and do something about it. History has its eyes on you.

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~Hate That Doesn’t Hide

Around The ‘Net

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~The Kardashian Decade: How a Sex Tape Led to a Billion-Dollar Brand

The Reviews Are In!

We are so excited by the reception The Toddler Survival Guide is getting! If you follow our Facebook Page you’ve probably seen these, but we have been receiving a lot of positive reviews. Hannah Reads and Hidden Doorways both gave us four-star reviews, and Red Tricycle included us in their roundup of best new parenting books to read right now. I hope you all are liking the book (and if you wanted to leave an Amazon review, that would be fantastic!)!

Cool Kicks

~Annie and I are going to make these color-changing shoes tomorrow! We’re excited. (FYI, we got cheap white shoes at Target.)
~James picked out these ridiculously adorable shoes for school. “I’m gonna fly, Mommy!”
~My 20th high school reunion is next month, and I’m tempted to get a pair of old school checkered Vans to celebrate.

Happy Sunday, everyone!