We’ve spent the last week at a Spohr family reunion in Massachusetts. It was so much fun to meet distant relatives and learn about the “east coast” Spohrs. Annie and James had an absolute BLAST doing all the fun outdoorsy things that are all around in Cape Cod. They swam in lakes, caught fish, went out on boats and kayaks, and made new friends with cousins they never knew they had.

We also spent time in NYC with my father-in-law, who grew up in the Bronx. He loved going around the city with the kids, especially James, who had never been to New York before.

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Fun Stuff

~We were very lucky to be sent a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The kids LOVE. IT. I love that it actually requires a lot of creativity – the players have to create their own courses and then navigate them. I definitely recommend it!
~These Vaschy backpacks are SUPER durable. Annie has a unicorn one that she’s used for EVERYTHING this summer and it still looks brand new. I’m going to order the astronaut print for James!
~Apparently Crocs are a thing again? Annie has been begging me for a pair of platform Crocs. Why did I ever get rid of my 80s/90s wardrobe?!

Happy Sunday, everyone!