I really don’t know what to say this morning. I woke up yesterday with a heavy heart — the day marked seven years since my wonderful, amazing friend Jackie passed away from a brain tumor. And then the day got worse…unfathomably worse. Mass-shootings — mass-murders — in two major cities, only 13 hours apart. Two more cities to insert into the CityNameStrong hashtag. Twenty-nine more families changed forever. In the eight months since a mass-shooting killed twelve people in my hometown of Thousand Oaks, there have been over 250 additional mass-shootings. I had to scroll through TWELVE PAGES of mass-shootings to find the entry for Thousand Oaks.

I’m disgusted, and I don’t understand how every person in this country isn’t disgusted, too. If we don’t do something soon about this horrific national emergency, it will be too late.

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Ways To Help

~Financially assist the victims and families of the El Paso shooting
~Donate blood and volunteer resources to the Red Cross
~Moms Demand
~Every Town
~March for our Lives
~Contact your elected officials and demand action

Be safe, everyone.