Writing this post in advance because I am spending Saturday & Sunday in Las Vegas to see the Mariah Carey show. My cousin Leah is a die-hard fan, and since she came with me to see Britney last year, I am tagging along on this one. The only difference is she’s never seen Mariah perform before. I hope the show is everything Leah wants it to be! I have a feeling it’s going to be hilarious.

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Kindergarten Countdown Continues

~Annabel still asked me every day about school starting. Instead of letting it make me a liiiittle crazy, I have instead set aside tiny tasks for her to do to get ready. Sometimes it’s practicing writing her name (she says this is boring), sometimes it’s making a list of the foods she wants in her lunch. Whenever a clothing catalogue comes in the mail, I have her circle the clothes she’d want to wear to school. ANYTHING to keep her excited and also busy. Last week I ordered some name labels for her from Minted because she told me I “made her backpack ugly” by writing her name on it with an “icky black marker.” I mean, I have some nerve, right? So these labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe, and I’m letting her slap ’em onto everything.

minted stickers

I got some for James, too. I think they are super-cute.

minted stickers

(BTW if you follow this link you’ll get $25 off your first order of $50 or more at Minted, wooo savings!)

The Happiest Mall On Earth

A Disney store opened in our local mall, and it just had its big Grand Opening. They advertised it as being a bit of an event — and even promised to have Mickey and Minnie on hand — so of course it was a total zoo. There not only was a line (a long one) to meet Mickey and Minnie, but there was even a line to simply go into the Disney Store. One disappointment was that, though the event promised that kids could meet Mickey and Minnie, in actuality only one of the two was doing the meet and greet at any given time — they switched off every 30 minutes. Annabel REALLY wanted to meet Minnie, so Mike calculated when to get into line to make it happen. Unfortunately, Mickey came a few minutes early and switched places with Minnie right as we were next in line. Poor Annabel burst into tears (after 45 minutes of waiting, who could blame her?), but she quickly rallied for a photo with Mickey. We were proud of her.

M i c, k e y, M o u s e

The store is beautiful, though, full of cool Disney stuff, which on one hand is awesome, but on the other hand is now another store to keep out of my kids’ sight lines when we go shopping.

Happy Sunday, everyone!