I had a really lovely birthday last week! Very low-key. The kids still had school and swimming (James is doing summer pre-k and swimming lessons, and Annie is on the swim team at our community pool), but I fit in yummy meals (breakfast with my parents and Annie, and dinner with Mike and the kids), and I got a nap! The kids and Mike also gave me some really thoughtful drawings and gifts, and my dad brought me birthday pie, which will always and forever be superior to birthday cake in every single way.

I love the envelope drawings so much.

It’s impossible for me to imagine what this, the last year of my thirties, will hold. There’s so much uncertainty and upheaval in the world right now, and lately, so many things seem trivial in the scheme of things. It’s so easy to get weighed down by the heaviness of it all. However, I’m determined to leave this world a better place for my children, so if that means getting weighed down a bit, so be it. This year, I plan on reveling in my kids, and enjoying what I can (even the trivial things!), and taking action to change what I think is unacceptable. When I turn 40 next year, I hope things will be better for everyone.

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Cool Finds

~A portion of the proceeds for this great shirt support the ACLU.
~And this cool shirt supports TurboVote.org, a nonpartisan application that makes it easy to receive election reminders, get registered to vote, and apply for your absentee ballot.
~My kids love these squeezy-ball thingies, but I personally find them to be great for crushing when I am stressed out by the world. So, often. They’re very durable, I haven’t broken one yet!

Happy Sunday, everyone!