I’m feeling incredibly sad and frustrated this Memorial Day Weekend. As I write this, just under one hundred thousand people have died of the coronavirus in the United States, with 345,000 total deaths worldwide. I ache for the families who’ve lost their loved ones, and I am frustrated with the people who are out there protesting for things to “open up.” Where is the empathy and compassion? Where is the grief and respect for the immense amount of people – fellow human beings – who have lost their lives? It’s a scary time for everyone right now as we grapple with job losses, closed schools, and canceled life events. These are devastating, difficult things to grapple with, but we are alive to grapple with them. I wish that everyone could step back and remember that people are dying, and the dying isn’t even close to being done.

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Almost Seven

My sweet James will be SEVEN YEARS OLD on Saturday. I can’t believe it! It feels like just yesterday I was spiraling out of control because my c-section was delayed a week. Oh, seven-years-ago Heather, you were ridiculous. James is wrapping up first grade and is missing his friends and baseball like crazy. I’ve planned a surprise birthday parade for him next week and I invited his whole class and baseball team to drive by. It isn’t the birthday he wanted (he really wanted a video game truck), but he is here to celebrate it and I never, ever take my kids’ birthdays for granted. I hope seeing all of his friends and family on Saturday (and all the other fun things I have planned) will make him forget all about a stuffy video game truck.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Please stay healthy and safe out there.