Annabel has had a pretty great week. On Sunday she found out she made the softball All Star team, and then on Friday she was named citizen of the month for her class. Her principal also made a point to recognize that Annie and her two friends started a “pick up trash club” at the school that has actually made a big difference on the campus. I’m so wildly proud of this kid. It’s moments like these that I hang onto when she’s being stubborn or generally acting like a seven-year-old!

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Pretty Things

~I have two super-breezy, super-comfortable outfits that I bought on Amazon that I have to tell you about. The first is this jumpsuity thing that I love so much I bought in three colors. You can dress it up or down and I would live in one if I could! My friend Mandy suggested this long, swingy dress that I’m pretty sure I will wear on every future plane flight.
~I don’t know how, but I came across “Print Your Pet” and now I want a blanket with my Rigby on it so I can snuggle with her every night.
~Have I told you guys about my running shoes? I got them back in August and they are still my favorite pair of athletic shoes. They are SO comfortable and feel broken and perfect from the first wear.


My wish for everyone today is that we can all be as relaxed as my puppy.

Happy Sunday, everyone!