May is the beginning of our “season of insanity,” where we have something going on just about every day from now until mid-July. Between softball, baseball, end of the school year events, and birthdays, we are jammed. Oh man and I *literally* just remembered it’s Teacher Appreciation Week starting tomorrow, which means I have two classrooms to prep for. Don’t let me be Room Mom for both kids next year, okay? It was a big week for my kiddos. James won an award at school and participated in his class play, The Little Red Hen.” Annie’s Brownie troop officially “bridged,” or moved up to the next left of Girl Scouts. Annie had to make a speech at the ceremony and lead everyone in the Girl Scout Promise. It’s a nutso-busy time but at least it’s all good things, right?

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Mom Things

Oh yeah, it’s also Mother’s Day next weekend!

~I love the subtle mom message inside of this bracelet.
~The kids filled in one of these books for Mike for Father’s Day and it was so sweet and meaningful.
~In honor of Cinco de Mayo, a tortilla toaster!!! It’s everything I never knew I wanted.

Happy Sunday, everyone!!