Well. Another Sunday, another week in quarantine. I feel like we were just going through the motions this week. The kids are just OVER IT. We’ve been doing as much as we can to help them with this whole thing – FaceTiming friends, doing drive-bys so they can see each other – but nothing compares to being able to actually BE with your friends. James is having a harder time than Annie. A lot of Annie’s friends have phones or tablets so they can communicate via FaceTime and other apps, so while she’s missing her friends like crazy, she’s still in touch with them daily. Most of James’ friends do NOT have the ability to FaceTime, and the ones that do…well, have you ever seen two wiggly six-year-olds try to talk to each other on the phone? It’s painful. Plus, he really misses his teacher. For that matter, so do I! In the meantime, we’re just taking it day by day and doing our best to keep smiles on their faces.

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Fun Finds, Magic Edition

Annie has almost finished reading the entire Harry Potter series and she is SO into it, which makes me happy because I love those books, too! She’s already informed me that she will be having a Harry Potter-themed birthday party when she turns 11.

~How cool is this Hogwarts acceptance letter?!
~This set of herbology charts is gorgeous.
~OMG this mug! I need it!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe!