The March for Babies was yesterday and I am really feeling the emotional hangover today. I’ve talked about how I make it through these events by compartmentalizing my feelings, but sometimes my body decides to let that stress and emotion out in other ways, usually through illness, and this time was no exception. I’m hoping that now that the month is over, I will be able to start really recovering, and I’ll also stop coughing up my lungs every day. Thank you to everyone who donated to our team this year – I not only hit my personal fundraising goal, but we’ve almost hit our team goal, too!

The March for Maddie Scooter Crew before the March!

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Cool Finds

~These historical trading cards would make an awesome gift for mom on Mother’s Day.
~Does anyone else daydream about ridiculous stuff they absolutely don’t need but want anyway? My current daydreams are about this electric scooter. I would only use it to and from the elementary school but that’s all up-hill and I’m very delicate.
~I ordered Annie this cute panda speaker for her room so she can listen to her music.

I’m going back to bed now. LOL.

Happy Sunday, everyone!