Last night, we had a fun sleepover at our house. Liam was our special guest, and the kids were beside themselves with excitement that he was going to be here for an entire day and night. Having the little dude has been so much fun, and it has also reminded me that I am a bit rusty. Like, I forgot to change Liam’s diaper before we left the house…mostly because I forgot he had a diaper, because I haven’t had a kid with a diaper in two years! But when he snuggled up against me last I thought about how nice it was to have another tiny person in the house…and how nice it will be when he goes home! LOL.

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Fun Stuff

~Everyone with kids in sports needs this shirt (I literally say this at least twice a week).
~I think James needs this fort kit for his birthday. Anyone have it?
~If you have a tall best friend (or a short one), these mugs are adorable and perfect.

Happy Sunday, everyone!