The rec season for softball officially ended yesterday. While my team didn’t make it to the championship game, we had a winning record, so I was happy. The girls on my team were so great, just a wonderful, sweet group of girls who all got along well and had NO DRAMA! If you know second and third-grade girls, that might shock you. It’s sad to say goodbye to the team, but I think that every girl will be back next season, which is always my ultimate goal. I was especially proud of Annabel – her teammates voted to give her the “Max Award,” which is given to the player who is the hardest working, encourages teammates, has a positive attitude, and always gives 100%. Annie had a great season, and besides winning that award from her teammates, she was just voted onto the gold All-Star team! Everything’s coming up Annie this week!

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Chorus Festival

Annie and James participated in the All-District Chorus Festival for our school district this week. James was nervous at first because he heard they’d be singing in front of 2,000 people, but as soon as he got on stage he loved it.

I think it also helped when he realized there would be a LOT of other kids on stage with him.

Fun Finds

~I got this tank top for a luau a few weeks ago, but I think I’m going to order it in other patterns because it’s really comfortable. And cute!
~I love working from home, but it’s very easy to get distracted. I’m totally going to order this productivity timer to help me prioritize my time.

Happy Sunday, everyone!