We have had a softball-filled weekend. We had a double-header yesterday, and today is a big “fun day” fundraiser for the league. I’m glad that Annabel really enjoys softball, and wants to participate in all the skills challenges today, like throwing contests and hitting contests. I’m sure James will also want to participate, because anything Annie does, he wants to do, too (he’s always sad that he can’t go out on the field and play during her games). Luckily for James, he’ll be old enough to play t-ball next year and that’s when things are going to get interesting (and my schedule is going to become a LOT more complicated)!

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Pretty Things

~This dress is so pretty…I don’t think it would work on my body type (short with hips), but I like staring at it.
~I love small, delicate earrings, and this set of hoops fits the bill.
~I adore skater dresses on little girls. They’re so flattering! This one from Nordstrom is pretty, and Annie owns this one from Old Navy in several patterns.

Marching On

~Here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. The march is a week from today! Please help us reach our $10 for 10 goal. Thank you!

Happy Sunday, everyone!