Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate! My feelings around Easter are always complicated because of the timing of Maddie’s death, but it helps that her brother and sister LOVE the day and all the activities that surround it. It also helps that I’ll get to spend time with my cousin’s squishy six-month-old, who is yummy and delightful. I hope you all have lovely days with family, friends, and loved ones, regardless of what you celebrate. xoxo

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Spring Breakers

We’re wrapping up Spring Break here, which we kept very mellow. We played in the backyard a lot, went to the park, and went to an indoor “Ninja Warrior” complex where the kids jumped and bounced and climbed all over a million different obstacles. James especially loves this place as his current dream in life is to be an American Ninja Warrior (that’s also going to be his birthday party theme). He’s strong and fearless, so he’d probably make a great contestant someday, LOL. In the meantime, he has to keep himself content by “training” around the house (aka making obstacle courses and climbing all over the walls and counters of our house).

He’s why we can’t have nice things.

Fun Finds

~The rec softball team I manage is in the playoffs this week, so to fire the girls up I bought this ridiculous shark hat to wear during the games (our team is the Baby Sharks).
~We’re going to need this unicorn sprinkler for the summer!
~If I could figure out a way to hang this Ninja Warrior kit in my yard, I’d be James’ favorite person in the world.

Happy Sunday, everyone!