To those who celebrate, Pesach Sameach and Happy Easter! We’ve been up for hours already today, thanks to two little kids who were VERY anxious to search for eggs. Annie, James, and even Schuyler managed to find all but one of the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid…and of course, the Easter Bunny doesn’t remember where that last egg is. Luckily, the hidden egg is plastic and filled with wrapped candy, so we don’t have to worry about anything starting to smell in a few days. I feel pretty confident Annie or Schuyler will find it before the sun goes down, though. (Not James. He’s too busy stuffing his face with jelly beans).

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Outdoor Finds

We’re only two months from summer break (yes, I’m counting), and I’m already plotting ways to keep the kids entertained and outside.
~Am I crazy to be considering buying these bumper balls for the kids to play with this summer? Except I’d make them wear their bike helmets, too, LOL.
~The bumper balls would be especially fun with these giant bowling pins.
~I’m also thinking about this foot golf set. Does anyone have something similar?
~Can someone find me a cool dual rocking chair like this, but for like…1/4 of the price tag?

Marching On

~Here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. The march is in just two weeks! Please help us reach our $10 for 10 goal! Thank you!

Happy Sunday, everyone!