Thank you all for the love on Friday. I did my best to disconnect and take it easy as much as possible, and I managed to make it through the day. A lot of the strength I found was from your comments, emails, cards, flowers, and more. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing support group who never lets me down. Special shout-out to my friends Ben & Jerry:


Around The ‘Net

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Breaking Out

~The kids are FINALLY on Spring Break. I am soooo glad, they need a break and so do I! I happily turned off all of my school-related alarms and I’m looking forward to not having anywhere to be by 8am. Plus, no lunches to pack! No after-school clubs! No softball! I love all of these things (except lunches), but it’s nice to have a vacation from life for a week, know what I mean?

Cool Finds

~40% off of everything at Old Navy with code SPRING, which is great if your kids are annoying like mine and won’t stop growing.
~I ordered a button grip for my iPhone 7plus to make it easier to hold. Does anyone else have one? I’m hoping it won’t get caught on my jeans when I stick my phone in my pocket, but I’ve heard good things.
~Just ordered these dachshund ice molds so the kids and I can make Jell-O over spring break. We’re going to make them from scratch…lie to me and tell me that’s a good idea!

Marching On

~Here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. Please help us reach our $10 for 10 goal! Thank you!

Happy Sunday, everyone!