Spring break has started around these parts, so the kids will be home from school all this week. Yay. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about a week of no alarms or homework or drama over what to wear. And I love spending time with my kids, of course! But I am also starting a new project this week so we don’t have anything “fun” planned for their week off. Saying, “you just spent a week at Disney World,” is probably not going to be a satisfactory response to them asking me to take them somewhere. The good news is that the weather is (finally) going to be great this week, and I’ve squirreled away a few fun things for them to play with in our backyard. Annie also asked if we could make confetti eggs again for Easter, so I’ll have her make those, too. Of course, they’ll probably go through every activity by noon on Monday, because isn’t that always how things go?

James was very pleased with his loot from the preschool egg hunt.

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The Return of Sean

~Our leprechaun, Sean, came back last week! I was very, very tired the night before St. Patrick’s Day because James was pretty sick and not sleeping well, so I may have forgotten to, um, leave the door open for Sean. And of COURSE Annabel was up bright and early. When I heard her open the door to her bedroom, I had that “OMG I FORGOT” moment where I launched myself out of bed before I was even fully awake. It was like my body knew I’d almost blown what could be one of the last “magical” events Annabel believes in. Luckily, Mike managed to distract Annie long enough for, um, Sean, to put out new shoes and chocolate candy for the kids. St. Paddy’s Day was saved!

Fun Things

~Annie’s shoes from the leprechaun came at a good time, as her foot has grown a size and a half since December. A SIZE AND A HALF. Stop growing, Annabel, you are making me broke.
~Meanwhile, James’ feet have barely grown since summer, but the leprechaun still brought new shoes for him because he’s just about worn out his other pairs. He wears his shoes hard.
~Have you seen The Beatles by Junk Food line at Target? There are some seriously rad clothing and accessories for all ages. I love this backpack, Annie is getting this sweatshirt in her Easter basket, and of course I picked up a shirt for Mike.

Happy Sunday, everyone!