I was just looking through my archives and realized I started putting up these Sunday posts a year ago today! I have really enjoyed putting them together, so I hope you guys like them!

Around The ‘Net

~Thinking : Parent – The LEGO Friends wars are back, and girls are losing. But not for the reasons you think. Annabel’s first LEGO sets were from the Friends line, and I credit them for getting her interested in building.

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~How Vodafone is upending maternity leave The US needs to get it together already.

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~124-year-old patent reveals the proper way to use toilet paper I’ve always been Team Over, but that also makes it easier for dogs and babies to unroll TP…ask me how I know.

~Thousands flock to Mont Saint-Michel for Tide of the Century I am totally going to this in 18 years.

Tattletale Cars

~This week, General Motors announced new technology that will allow parents to track and control their teen drivers. I know some people will say, “Well, if you can’t trust your kids to make the right decisions behind the wheel, they shouldn’t be driving.” I believe that’s true to some extent, but a lot of driving (and being a teenager!) is learning on the job. Hopefully this software will help make everyone safer…and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about my kid driving for at least ten more years!

Swimmin’ Along

~Swimsuit season is here for us. Both kids are starting swim lessons in a couple weeks, plus we have a quick trip to Arizona (and its pools!) coming up. I am really looking forward to James getting slightly more water safe – he’s an absolute maniac who loves the water who will jump into any body of water available, be it the bathtub, a puddle, or a pool. He’ll be getting private instruction, while Annabel will be in a group class to refresh her swim memory.

~I bought them some suits, which was pretty fun. Annabel is at the point where I can’t just buy her stuff like this anymore, she has to try stuff on. She’s the only person on the planet who enjoys trying on swimsuits! I let her try on whatever she wanted. It was interesting to see what she liked…also scary. She really liked the two-piece suits like this pink ruffled number and another bikini I can’t find online. When I asked her why, she said, “Because I like how the water feels on my tummy.” I got her some tankinis and a rash guard, although I think getting her to swim in a rash guard is going to be hard. James, on the other hand, will only be swimming in rash guards thanks to his super-pale skin. My local Costco had a bunch of cute UV Skinz shorts & guards sets, plus I got him a set at Old Navy (you can save 30% with code THANKYOU right now!).

lil' swim
These UV Skinz trunks have a working drawstring, so I love them forever.

March for Babies

~It’s time for your weekly March for Babies reminder! Have you signed up to march with us in person or in spirit? It’s free to join and only takes a few minutes of your time! Thank you to everyone who has signed up and donated so far – you all are amazing! I am way under my goal of $5,500 this year so every little bit helps moms and babies. You can also use your social capital to share my post about the March of Dimes’ mission, as getting the word out is so important.

Happy Sunday, everyone!