So. How are you all holding up? California implemented a state-wide “Stay at Home” order on Thursday, and I am really hoping people take it seriously. We’ve been staying in for over a week now, only leaving to go to the grocery store or to walk around our neighborhood. The kids are prepping for distance-learning to start, which is going to be interesting for little ones. Annie is in fourth grade and I anticipate her being fine in an online setting. James, however…I don’t know. He loves school and his teacher is amazing, but he’s also a wiggly first grader so I can’t picture him sitting in front of a computer for hours every day. I’ll probably have to create some kind of “flexible seating” for him. But we’ll make it work – we all will benefit from some sort of routine and the sooner we get started on this new normal, the better.

As for Mike and me…in our relationship, Mike is the worrier and I’m the calm one. Mike has been freaked out about the Coronavirus since the news of it first started trickling out. I’ve been much more relaxed…I took it seriously but also wasn’t panicked. Mike started buying supplies for a quarantine back in February (NOT HOARDING – just adding a few extra canned and boxed items with every regular grocery trip), and every time he’d show me the extra things he’d bought (including all that Diet Coke) I’d say, “did getting all that help you feel calmer?” When it became apparent that the ish was about to hit the fan, I kicked into gear and made prepping my sole focus. And now that the prepping is over…reality is creeping in. It’s scary. I’m scared for so many people. I hope you all have a good support system. So thankful that so far, my family is safe and healthy. I hope you and yours are, too.

My parents drove by yesterday morning to say hi to us from their car – the first time my kids had seen them in over a week).

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Fun Finds

~This is a FREE craft bundle from one of my favorite websites. Besides this particular bundle, they have a TON of other projects and crafts that are free or close to it. I’ve downloaded a LOT of coloring pages to help calm my mind at night.
~If you have a Chrome browser and love movies and miss your friends, I suggest “Netflix Party.” Annie and her friends are watching “Stranger Things” and “Fuller House” together!
~I bought everyone a sketch pad and it’s been nice for me to have something I can doodle in, write down notes/thoughts, and write swear words in really fancy lettering (I bought myself this book and it’s been an excellent distraction).

Happy Sunday, everyone. Please be safe and smart.