So…how are we all doing? Does anyone else feel like they’re in the Twilight Zone? I love watching movies about this kind of thing but I don’t like living in one. I hope everyone is staying home when they can so the ones who CAN’T aren’t exposed to more people. I can’t handle the people going out to bars and restaurants and clubs. THAT IS NOT ESSENTIAL! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Please, everyone, STAY HOME. Don’t do non-essential things! What is so hard about that? It’s so frustrating that some people aren’t taking this seriously. Our school is closed for the foreseeable future. Youth sports are canceled. PROFESSIONAL SPORTS are canceled. Broadway is dark! IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. if you are young and healthy, you can still get sick, you can still be a carrier and get other people sick – and some of those people will die. Please, everyone, stay home when you can. PLEASE.

Now that we’re all in agreement, let’s laugh at how much Diet Coke Mike has stockpiled:

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Fun Finds

I’ve been looking for indoor/outdoor stuff to do while the kids are home indefinitely. We’re supposed to have rain every day this week, which means Annie and James are going to need stuff that can keep them busy inside (other than schoolwork, insert evil laugh).
~Indoor cornhole!
~Ladder golf with rubber balls!
~Bocce with rubber balls!
~And this is for me.

Happy Sunday, everyone! STAY HOME!!!