James was selected Star of the Week for his kindergarten class. Star of the week gets lots of fun “perks,” but the one the kids love the most is that they get to take home the class stuffed animal, Dex. James has been taking Dex everywhere, and we’ve been taking lots of pictures of the two of them together. It’s fun for James and SUPER STRESSFUL for me because I’m constantly like, “WHERE IS DEX?! WHERE IS HEEEEEEE?!” It’s hard enough keeping track of stuffed animals that leave the house, let ALONE a stuffed animal that 22 kids absolutely adore and would absolutely murder me over should it become lost. I’m THISCLOSE to putting a tracking device on it. BUT HEY James is having fun so who cares about my nervous breakdown, LOL.

Around The Net

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Cool Stuff

~For those of you with a Nintendo Switch, the new Labo kit is going to be VR glasses. They look SO COOL. We were late to the Switch AND the Labo kits but we’re now OBSESSED. I pre-ordered already!
~If you have a MacBook with the USB-C connectors (aka the small, annoying ones that you need converters for), you definitely need to get this small hub to connect to the side of your laptop.
~This little desktop planter is so cute. It almost makes me want to sit at a desk instead of slumped over on my couch (maybe that’s why my back hurts?).

Happy Sunday, everyone!