The kids’ school gets really into Read Across America week. They had fun activities in the classes, celebrity readers (Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, read to the kids!), and on Friday, they got to dress as their favorite character from a book. At first, James wanted to dress as Pete the Cat (his favorite), but he eventually decided to wear pajamas instead (the other option the kids had). Annabel said, “I’ve worn my pajamas soooo many times to school,” and chose to dress as Hermione from Harry Potter. I should have gotten a closeup of her hair because it was big and wild, just like Hermione’s. I love activities like this that make books come to life.

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Fun Finds

~Has anyone tried one of these face vacuums? Okay, they’re technically called, “pore cleansers”  but since it literally vacuums gunk out of your pores, I’m calling it a face vacuum. I’m intrigued by this one, it has good reviews.
~To give Annie her “Hermione Hair” I used a combo of a crimping iron/straight iron and a wave iron.
~These masks are creepy and amazing. Mostly creepy, though.

Happy Sunday, everyone!