This has been the grossest/sickest winter on record for us. There is always someone sick in this house, and it’s making me slowly lose my mind. I don’t know if it’s been a particularly germy winter, or if it’s the double whammy of both kids being in classes around other kids, or what, but it has got to stop. I hate being sick, and I especially hate when my kids are sick. I’m hoping this latest round of head colds and sinus infections are it for a while…although I just got a note that there was strep in Annabel’s class. *cries*

Around The ‘Net

~Sneak a Peek Inside the “Witch’s House” of Beverly Hills My dad used to drive us by this house, it’s pretty cool.

~Infinite Ron Swanson I could watch this forever.

~Mark Seliger’s Oscar Portraits Some really pretty ones.

~Leonard Nimoy’s Final Tweet Will Make You Cry

~Raising Zay: A family’s journey with a transgender child That girl glows.

~Nearly-frozen waves off the coast of Nantucket As the photographer points out, they look like Slurpees.

~How an Undocumented Immigrant From Mexico Became a Star at Goldman Sachs

~An Oral History Of The Creation And Evolution Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ I miss it already.

~#TheDress and the Rise of Attention-Policing

~How crazy am I to think I actually know where that Malaysia Airlines plane is? IDK…pretty crazy.

Work It

~Has anyone ever tried an under-desk elliptical? My schedule is so varied lately that it’s hard to find time to go to the gym, but I really like the idea of being able to get in some exercise while I’m sitting at my desk for hours every day. It may not be the most efficient cardio but it would certainly be better than the no cardio I’m currently getting!


~So, most of you by now have heard about THE DRESS, the weird optical-illusion photograph that completely took over the internet on Thursday evening. I found the whole thing to be fun and fascinating. I really liked the sense of community – it was being discussed all over the world! But I found the science behind why people saw the dress differently incredibly interesting. For the record, the dress itself is literally blue and black. Annabel and I both only saw blue and black in the photo (and I’ve tried a dozen ways to see it as white and gold, with no success), while my mom and Mike could see it both ways depending on the lighting in the room they were in.

~Also, The Dress is for sale on Amazon UK and the reviews that have been added in the last few days have me howling with laughter. People can be funny.

St. Patrick’s Day

~St. Patrick’s Day is in a few weeks, and as you might remember, it’s a fun holiday in our house, celebrating traditions started by my grandma. Our Leprechaun always leaves shoes for the kids, and this year he’s bringing Annabel My Little Pony shoes. How could he not? The Leprechaun also really wanted to bring James some Beatles Vans, but since they don’t come in his size he might get these shark shoes…or maybe Star Wars slip ons. I have a serious addiction to little boy shoes.

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

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