I really did intend to write more this month but I failed to remember that February is THE WORST MONTH when it comes to my free time (or in this case, my lack thereof). In February, we have multiple sport overlap. In February, James played basketball and baseball and Annie played basketball and was on two softball teams. Between working, coaching, and getting the kids to their practices, I had negative time. Ah well. Things should get better this month (famous last words, right?).

Here are some pictures of my kids in their element:

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Fun Finds

~My friend teaches self-defense courses and she says everyone should have one of these keychains.
~Annie just walked by and said, “Tell everyone about how much I love my weighted blanket.” (It’s completely eliminated her nighttime anxiety)
~Does anyone use blue-light-blocking glasses? I feel like I should get them but I also don’t know if they actually work.

Happy Sunday, everyone!