When I woke up on Friday with a still-painful head, Mike and my parents insisted I go to the doctor to get checked out after my fall. I went to the doctor, where she determined I definitely had a concussion. Since I’m on an anticoagulant for my clotting disorder, she wanted to do a full work up to make sure that I didn’t do any hidden damage when I fell. That included getting a head CT, which was a lovely treat. Luckily no further damage was found, so I just have to “take it easy” until the concussion clears up.

Can someone let my kids know that I’m supposed to take it easy? LOL.

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I’d Like to Thank The Academy

We’re all very excited for tonight’s Academy Awards in our house! We’re all pulling for Moonlight and Hidden Figures, but it looks to be La La Land‘s year. If you need to catch up on this year’s show, Time has a good rundown of what to know, and the Hollywood Reporter has interviews with nominees. Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excite for the red carpet, too. I love those glamorous dresses.

Cool Things

~Liam’s first birthday is next month, so I got him the customary first birthday gift in our family – a ride-in car.
~This hot/cold constellation coffee mug is so cool.
~This chalkboard vase is clever (albeit pricey).

Happy Sunday, everyone!