You guys, I can barely move. Yesterday was a four-sport day…Annie had basketball and softball, and James had flag football and baseball. There’s not enough hot water in the world for me to soak my poor bones in. Someone please remind me next time that I’m too old to demonstrate sliding techniques, and I’m DEFINITELY too old to get into a catcher’s squat for more than 10 seconds. Sometimes I forget that I’m almost forty and not fourteen.

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Representation FTW

With yesterday being Opening Day, I made a “softball survival sack” for my girls. The best thing I included, hands-down, is the pack of Big League Chew that has a female on the package for the first time EVER (I ordered it from the Big League Chew website). I’ve been waiting for a girl to be on there since I was seven years old. Even though my players didn’t have to wait that long, they were SO EXCITED to see a female player on the package. They ALL said, “I’ve never seen a girl, this is so amazing!” I love coaching softball kiddos!

Fun Finds

~Annie is doing a “different hair every day” challenge in March (kids these days and their challenges), so I got her these pretty hair clips to help her mix things up.
~I bought these moisturizing socks to help me with my dry feet (thanks, coaching) and while I was skeptical, they’ve actually made a difference!
~I need this personal fondue mug set ASAP.

Happy Sunday, everyone!