James has been trying a lot of new things lately. He begged us to play flag football, so we signed him up for that. His school just started a Kindergarten chorus, and he asked to join that, too. He’s also really been into learning how to skateboard. He got all the gear for Christmas, and he loves to take it all out back and roll around (having an all-concrete backyard is coming in handy!). It’s so funny to me how he can be so totally fearless when it comes to trying new things, but he’s afraid of the dark. I mean sure, creepy monsters live in the dark, but they’re not going to break your arm or cause a concussion, you know? Still, as far as fears go, I’d rather he be afraid of the dark than afraid of trying things…I just wish he’d be slightly less of a daredevil. I’d like to avoid the emergency room this year!

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Play Ball

Yesterday was my last “lazy” Saturday until…oh man, maybe July? In addition to coaching Annie’s softball team again this year, I also volunteered to be one of the coaches on James’ team. That comes out to three practices and two games every week (at minimum)! I love it, though. This will probably be the only year that I’m going to be able to pull off coaching both of them, so I’m trying to make the most of it…even if it means I need to take a lot of hot showers to ease my aching muscles! But I think it’s just as important for the boys to have a female coach as it is for the girls. And hey, all of those practices and games mean I’m getting lots of exercise and can, therefore, eat many boxes of girl scout cookies with no guilt.

Fun Finds

~I bought Annie this sweatshirt for St. Patrick’s Day (already), and I’m obsessed with it. It’s so damn CUTE. I love the rainbow detailing on the sleeves…I wonder if I could squeeze myself into it, LOL.
~You guys, ice cream cozies are a thing!!! This is great news for those of us who eat right out of the carton.
~Annie’s softball teammates named themselves the “Baby Sharks,” (that song is on a permanent loop in my head), so I think I need these earrings that look like a shark is attacking my earlobes.
~And speaking of sharks eating body parts, I clearly need these socks as well.

Happy Sunday, everyone!