I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. The kids had Friday off of school and they also have tomorrow (Monday) off so it’s been a long weekend in every sense of the word. Since they didn’t have school on Valentine’s Day, they celebrated with their classes on Thursday. There’s nothing like picking your kids up the afternoon before a four-day weekend after they’ve just spent hours ingesting valentine candy. Those were some HIGH sugar highs. I should have made them run home to burn off all that energy. Good thing they’re cute.

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Fun Finds

~Annie gave her classmates little squishy toys for Valentine’s day and they were a huge hit. They were good quality, I’m using the leftovers as prizes for my softball team.
~This “automatic” curling iron looks cool but I can definitely see my hair getting tangled in it and catching on fire, LOL.
~I never knew cereal cups existed, but now that I do I absolutely must get one.

Happy Sunday, everyone!