Happy Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend, Americans! I am currently on a girls’ trip, taking advantage of the long weekend to get some much-needed time with my friends. I left little Valentine gifts for the kids, and Mike sent me pictures of them with their new stuff. I gave James a bunch of different balls, because he loves nothing more than throwing and bouncing things, and Annabel got some pony things and a cute letter sweater that I bought when The Wishing Elephant had a sale.

Letter Sweater

I got an S so James can wear it in a few years. I love it!

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Fifty Shades Of Heeeeeey

~I was not into the Fifty Shades trilogy, but I know a lot of women who were. I don’t care what people read (yay reading!) but this movie just looks hilariously bad. My brother went to a press screening and told me that the movie was better than he was expecting, but still cheesy and campy and hilarious. That actually sounds…kind of fun.  Kyle has written two articles about the movie (so far) that are super-funny: A Valuable, Shot-by-Shot Description of Fifty Shades of Grey’s First Sex Scene and The Least Sexy Things That Happen in Fifty Shades of Grey.

And The Oscar Goes To…

~The Oscars are next weekend, which makes me happy. I love awards shows and all the ridiculousness that comes with them. I personally disliked Birdman, but I know most people liked it. I thought Michael Keaton was good, but some of the other actors chewed the scenery like whoa. I really enjoyed Boyhood – it was very ambitious, and Patricia Arquette was absolutely perfect. I think my favorite of the year was Imitation Game, but I still have a few more movies to see (American Sniper, Whiplash). I’m looking forward to Neil Patrick Harris as the show’s host – I adore him.

Happy Sunday, everyone!