Yesterday, Mike and I dealt with our first “conflicting sports Saturday.” James had a baseball clinic, while Annie and I had to go to the park for field clean-up day. I’m glad that the home fields for their two leagues are very close, but I still have my fingers crossed that my two ball players won’t have too many conflicting games!


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Olympic Fever

Annie is really into the Winter Olympics, which is fun for me because I loooove watching Olympic events. She’s been asking about the history of the Olympics, so we’ve been doing a lot of reading. I also told her that she’s been to Olympic arenas before (USC’s football stadium hosted the 1932 and 1984 Olympics, and will host again in 2028) and that I’d actually been to some of the historical Olympic sites in Greece. I started Googling different venues to show her pictures, and that’s when I discovered that so many facilities that were built for Olympic games have fallen into disrepair – including many of the stadiums and arenas I’d visited in Greece. It’s sad to think about how much money went into those buildings and how they now just sit there, abandoned. This fascinating article about Pyeongchang’s “pop up” stadium makes a case for the Olympics having a permanent home.

Last-Minute Love

It’s not too late to get gifts for your Valentine (how did I live before Amazon Prime was invented, seriously)!

~A fondue pot, because going out to eat on Valentine’s Day is overrated (and overpriced)!
~Slippers for your “lobster.”
~I don’t know how practical it is, but this umbrella is pretty cute (Annie would love it).

Happy Sunday, everyone!