Our week was CONSUMED with two major Annabel events – a poetry book report that included a memorized oral presentation, and the school talent show. Getting that girl ready for both almost killed me, but luckily, both went very well. Annie crushed it at the talent show – her act was stand-up comedy! She wrote her own jokes (she walked around the house for a few days with a notepad, looking at us and writing stuff down, it was unnerving) and proved that she can crack up a room full of kids. As she performed her act, it was great to watch her get more and more confident on stage. She says her next stop is the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd, LOL.

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Be My Valentine

Ummmm Valentine’s Day is THIS WEEK. I should probably order some for my kids, don’t you think?

~These scratch-off valentines are cute!
~I love the paper airplanes! And they’d be good for fine motor skill development, LOL
~Last year Annie gave out whoopie cushions with a card that said, “hope your valentine’s day doesn’t stink!” I should have James do that this year, he’d be the hit of Kindergarten.

Happy Sunday, everyone!