Last week was the 100th day of school, and James’ class celebrated by dressing up like they were 100 years old. I loved it when Annie’s first-grade class did this a few years ago, so I’ve been looking forward to turning James into a little old man for a while. James is an even bigger ham than Annie – he’s a pleaser and nothing embarrasses him. On our walk to school, he said, “Good morning, young lady!” to every mom we passed, and he even told one mom, “Hang on, I have to turn up my hearing aid!”

He looks like he’s mansplaining.

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Fun Finds

~Have I told you guys about this hairdryer/hot brush that I have? My friend Jen turned me onto it a couple years ago and while it’s great for my hair, it’s even better for Annie’s thick, wavy hair. It makes you look like you have a blowout every time you use it!
~I ordered two new pairs of jogger pants with the intention of returning one of them. I got a pair of grey capri pants, and a pair of black regular-length pants. I can definitely recommend both – they’re soft and comfortable, warm enough to wear in 40-degree weather but breathable enough to keep you from sweating in warmer temps. The capri length are basically full-length on me, so if you’re “blessed” with short legs like I am, the capri length is the way to go.
~Speaking of pants, these velvet leggings have a ton of great reviews. Someone get them and report back!

Happy Sunday, everyone!