Hi, friends! I’m so touched by the response to my writing more again. I’m looking forward to putting my fingers on the keyboard and seeing where my weird brain takes me. I started blogging in 2002 and as it turns out, I DO have more to say.

I also realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Schuyler. She’s doing just fine although she’s carrying a little holiday weight (or as the kids say these days, she’s chonky). But she’s on a diet and going on longer walks so I’m sure she’ll be back to being a svelte, lazy dog in no time.

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The Big Chop

Annie would like me to tell all of you that she got her hair cut, and would like you to see the before and after (she went right after her basketball game this weekend, hence the uniform).

She LOVES her new ‘do and so do I. It’s going to be so much easier to care for!

Fun Finds

~I got Annie this hoodie for her birthday and I’m seriously considering ordering one for myself In another color.
~She also got these LED lights that change color and sync to music, which is going to be my new go-to gift for her friends.
~I need this sweater.

Happy Sunday, everyone!