Over the last two weeks or so I’ve decided to take advantage of my open hours (aka unemployment) to change up my blog posting schedule. In the past, I’ve used my daylight hours to get work done, and the hours after the kids went to bed as my time to do my personal projects, like blogging. Now I’m blogging in the mornings and using the rest of my time during the day to job search, write pitches, etc. The best part of this is that I’m going to bed before midnight, something I haven’t done in years. I’m hopeful this will help with my insomnia – I’ve been seeing some short-term results, but it would be amazing if they stuck. So for those of you who read every day, know that instead of posting new content around midnight, I’m now posting around 11am – noon on Sundays and Tuesdays – Fridays.

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Going Wireless

Does anyone have wireless headphones? I have the iPhone 7+ and while I make use of the provided headphone converter, there have been more times than I can count where I couldn’t listen to music because I needed to charge my phone first. I’m toying with the idea of asking for wireless headphones for Mother’s Day but would love to hear some recommendations. I’ve heard great things about Jaybird headphones TaoTronics, and Beats, but I would love to hear from people who have used them before dropping significant coin.

Puppy Pals

Yoshi left last Thursday, but not before he and Schuyler got in one more excellent cuddle.

Schuyler was a little sad at first, but now when she’s especially missing her friend she goes to his favorite sunny spot in the house.

I love laying in the sun when I’m sad, so I get it.

Happy Sunday, everyone!