I fully intended on posting last week, and I’d been gathering articles and writing down ideas. Then Annie’s birthday party happened. Twelve girls spent the night at our house…notice I didn’t say, “slept,” because I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t. I know I didn’t! I am WAY. TOO. OLD. to stay up all night. I was a WRECK on Sunday, and I have needed the entire week to recover. Seriously! I honestly felt like I had a concussion, and was in a fog until yesterday. I told Annie that was her last sleepover party because I don’t think I could survive another one!

But you guys? Annie is NINE. How on earth did that happen?!?!

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Halfway Mark

I pointed out to Mike that, upon turning nine, Annie is halfway to adulthood. That’s so nuts to think about…and a little overwhelming, because there’s still sooooo much to teach her to make sure she becomes a functional adult! But, even though these last nine years have flown by (and I’m sure the next nine will, too), that’s still a decent chunk of time. Plus, what even IS a functional adult? I’m not sure I’m one and I’m almost forty, LOL.

Fun Stuff

~Annie got some great presents for her birthday. I think her favorite gift was a pair of Heelies, those horrifying shoes that have wheels in the heels. I say horrifying because watching her try to roll around in them makes me cover my eyes and wait for the inevitable trip o the emergency room.
~I gave Annie these tall black boots that I REALLY wish came in my size.
~She also received just about every single unicorn item of clothing that Target offers, LOL.
~I *love* the sports clothes that Justice sells. They make sports fashionable! Annie is all set with their softball line, and she has a few basketball items, too!

Happy Sunday, everyone!