Annabel had a sleepover last night with some friends from school and well…it’s a miracle I’m still standing. Frankly, it’s a miracle my house is still standing. But it was a total blast and every single kid should take a nice long nap today. I know I’m going to sleep HARD tonight. I’m so tired. I’m not even sure if I’m writing words in English right now.

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Go Annie, It’s Ya Birthday

Annie’s friends gave her some really fun gifts, if anyone is looking for present ideas for the 7-8 year old set.

~An everything-included slime kit (which they opened and immediately used at like, 1 am).
~I’d never heard of Hamsters in a House before, but they’re pretty cute.
~I’m looking forward to the Pom Pom invasion.
~I want this Little Feminist puzzle for MYSELF.

Okay, it’s my nap time now.

Happy Sunday, everyone!