I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Annie is turning EIGHT in a week. Between her recent haircut and her refusal to stop growing (I only have about 9 inches on her!), she’s looking so grown up. She also likes to remind me that she’s “too old” for some things and that other things she used to like are “for babies.” Luckily, she isn’t too old to snuggle with her brother and watch morning cartoons.

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Go Annie, it’s your birthday

With Annie’s birthday less than a month after Christmas, I always struggle a bit with finding her gifts. That being said, I think we got her some cool stuff this year.

~The second volume of one of Annie’s favorite books, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, is finally out! I’m really excited for this one.
~I also ordered her this Tsum Tsum case for her iPod…I kinda want it for myself, though.
~She actually got these Cat & Jack boots for Christmas…they were going to be for her birthday but they were too cute to hold onto for another month!
~Annie loves fun knee-high socks, so I got her this cute six-pack that features animal faces, and I have it on good authority that she’s getting this unicorn set.
~Oh, and don’t forget the Jojo Bows…I’m rolling my eyes a little but she loves them.

Happy Sunday, everyone!