We started the first week back at school strongly, and then it quickly devolved into chaos as first James got sick (he missed three days of school), and now Annie is sick. Our home hasn’t been illness-free since before Thanksgiving and I AM SO TIRED OF IT. I’m tired of seeing my babies miserable, and I’m also tired of the constant rescheduling that illness requires. I have so much to do, I’m so behind on life!!! At least James will be back at school this week…fingers crossed Annie recovers faster than her brother.

My sick little froggy loves his sleeping mask, LOL.

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Play Time

~My friend Casey posted a video of themself playing Connect 4 Shots with their daughter and it looked so fun that I immediately ordered one. It’s Connect 4 meets beer pong. You want it.
~Anyone who has a Nintendo Swich needs the 1-2 Switch game. It’s seriously fun for all ages (I’m obsessed).
~Unstable Unicorns is a blast to play. It’s best for ages 8+, but now that James can read he plays with us, too (with adult help).

Happy Sunday, everyone!