Happy New Year, everyone!! 2019 is going to be a year of ups and downs…Annie turns nine in a few weeks…we’ll mark the ten year anniversary of Maddie’s death…James will finish Kindergarten and turn six…I’ll turn FORTY…and that’s all just in the first half of the year. I’m just gonna take it all as it comes and not stress myself out (or, TRY not to stress myself out). I’m determined to start my forties as mentally, emotionally, and physically strong as possible, which for me means being honest about what I can and cannot control (I like to pretend I can control everything). We’re also starting 2019 with a MASSIVE purge – we’re getting rid of stuff we don’t need and simplifying as much as possible. This isn’t easy for me (Mike says I’m a hoarder, I say I am sentimental), but it does feel good to rid the unnecessary from our home and lives. Look at me, I’m already growing and maturing. I’m totally going to kick 2019’s ass.

James says, “Happy New Year!”

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Finger Knitting

~I’m slowly turning into the old lady I’ve always aspired to be. To go along with my embroidery hobby, I just learned how to finger knit. I started easy, with the yarn that comes with the built-in loops. I made a full-sized blanket for my first project! Annie requested a blanket of her own, which will be my next project, and then I’m going to branch out and see what else I can create. Then I’m going to need another old lady hobby to complete my transformation, LOL.


Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns

For those of you who have or know a girl who is unicorn-obsessed, I found some fun stuff while shopping for Annie’s birthday (Annie is absolutely unicorn-crazy).

~This bag of gear is the perfect birthday party gift.
~I kind of want this hat/scarf combo for myself!
~Annie already has a 3D unicorn lamp, but this one is way cooler.
~This umbrella is yet another thing I want for myself (did I mention I also like unicorns?).
~Justice should just rename itself to “Unicornpalooza” because holy crap, look at all this unicorn loot.

Happy Sunday, everyone!