A few weeks ago, Annabel was her classroom’s Star of the Week. This required her to make an “all about me” poster that she had to describe in front of her whole class.


I thought that was the extent of it, but it turns out Annabel’s classmates also made her a book…and it’s so cute and hilarious. It’s probably one of my favorite things she’s brought home so far.

star of the week

I know some of these sentences were prompted by the teacher, but they are still so adorable.

I like to play and run

you are nice

you are the best

fun and nice


A dragon! That’s legit.


She is respectful.

This kid is going places:


I can’t even draw like that! Amazing.

A few kids commented on her appearance, but I was glad to see it wasn’t the only thing they wrote about her.

beautiful hair

I like the cat ears headband, nice detail.

you are beautiful

This one is my favorite, I will happily hand over this duty:

I will braid your hair

“You have long hair. I will braid your hair.”

I read all of these to Annabel, and she said, “Wow, I feel so special! They all said such nice things! They all must really like me!”

Elementary school is awesome. I wish they would always be this nice to each other.