At the beginning of April I was invited to visit the YouTube space in Los Angeles for a special viewing of a new show by Minecrafting YouTube star, Stampylongnose, with Stampy himself in attendance. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I would have been like, “Stampy-who-now?” But when Annabel’s cousins introduced her to Minecraft, Mike and I had NO idea how to help her learn how to play until we found Stampy. His videos were kid-friendly, helpful, and funny. Annabel LOVES HIM. She’ll be playing Minecraft and say, “Oh Mom, I’m going to build this BLAHBLAHBLAH that Stampy built! Look, I did it!” When I got the invitation (which said I could bring my family), I was so excited to tell Annabel…but I keep that kid on a need-to-know basis, which meant I kept her in the dark until the morning of the event.

After she met Stampy she said to me, “Mom, I really want to make a post about this on our blog. So here’s the story of meeting Stampy, in Annabel’s (dictated) words:

So, when I woke up on Friday morning before school, my parents told me I was going to meet Stampy! I was so surprised. I was like, “Booooom! Head explode!”

kuqi5 (1)

I was like, “This is very cool.” Then I learned he had a new show! I would have screamed out loud, but I didn’t. Then I had to go to school, but I just wanted to think about Stampy. It was hard.

My mom drove for a really long time and she took me to the actual YouTube!

At The YouTube!

When we went to The YouTube, I was so excited, but we missed a bit of the tour [Heather: she will never let me forget this. Thanks, LA Traffic.]. We got to watch some of Stampy’s Minecraft videos and eat snacks. I ate circus cookies, it was so much fun.

Then, Stampy came out!

There's Stampy!

I don’t know who those other guys are but Stampy has the curly hair!

Then Stampy played us his new show called Wonder Quest. It was cool and had loads of funny things. Not the bad guy’s jokes, but the regular jokes.

Thinks Stampy is hilarious

After the show, kids asked questions. The questions were okay. I would have asked better ones, but I didn’t know how to write them down.

Then we got to wait in line to meet Stampy! The line was soooooo long. But then it was my turn! It was so, so cool. I said to him, “I’m your biggest fan!”

meeting stampy!

He said to me, “That’s a great compliment!” He said it with an accent because he’s from England. I like to try to talk like him.

hi Stampy!

Meeting Stampy was so awesome. I felt like I was in a dream that came to life. I wish that all the kids could meet Stampy because he’s so nice.

Thank you for reading my post! Remember, this is not Heather’s post!