We’re finally home from our annual Spring Training trip and I am beat. Our plan this year was to space things out a little more. We usually go to a baseball game every day, but we decided to change things up. We scheduled two days of baseball, and figured we’d spend the rest of our time at the pool. We did get in some pool time, but we ended up doing a lot more exploring, which is easier to do now that the kids are a bit older.

On one of the days, we all hit up Rawhide Western Town, a kitschy old west town that has dirt roads, gun duels, and a jail, among other things. The kids really enjoyed it:

riding the train
James looks 12 in this picture.

riding the train

The kids panned for gold and other treasures:

pan for gold

new treasures

They also spent some time behind bars, which I’ve always felt was inevitable.


A few nights later, we went to a new (to us) restaurant called Rustler’s Rooste, where you go down a slide to get to the dining area. Unsurprisingly, the kids were very very into this.

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Mike and my oldest nephew also ate deep-fried Rattlesnake. I did NOT. No thank you, sir.

On our lonnnng drive home, we did stop briefly to show James the Pee Wee Dinosaurs of Cabazon. This was a huge thrill for our little dino-lover:

cabazon dinosaurs

dino spohrs

Ah! Dinosaur!


The last time we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs, James wasn’t even born. Look at little Annie! She’s still the same little character.

Now we’re home, although we’re not totally back to real life as Annabel is on spring break for the rest of the week. I’d like to hope that means she’ll sleep in until 8:30 am every morning, but I’m sure she and James will be up at 6, raring to go. Hold me.


Until next year, Arizona!