Spring break is officially over, with Annie begrudgingly going back to school this morning (James goes back tomorrow). For the first time in years, I actually emerged from the week rested. Usually I’m longing for a vacation from my vacation! I actually got a lot of sleep, and despite having a chest cold for the majority of the week, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m sure all of this goodness will be erased by the arrival of Annie’s homework folder this afternoon, but I’m going to enjoy it for now.

We had a really wonderful trip up to visit Mike’s parents. My in-laws showered Annie and James with all sorts of love and attention. My father-in-law patiently played HOURS of hide-n-seek with the kids, and my mother-in-law gave each of them a piano lesson.

piano practice

My father-in-law has this cool virtual-reality headset that the kids were obsessed with. It was hilarious to watch them use it.

virtual reality
Annie: I’m petting puppies!

virtual reality
James: I’m on a water slide!

They were always anxious to be outside when it wasn’t raining.

We managed to fit in lots of meals, a couple movies, and as Mike mentioned, a Giants baseball game. LOL forever that Mike thinks Annie will be a Giants fan because of a silly outfield slide, or because their picture was on the Jumbotron. I haven’t even STARTED my campaign for Dodgers domination, but when I do, he’s toast.

bye bye Giants
Buh bye, Giants.

We returned home in time to take part in some Easter festivities. First, we went to see the Big Bunny himself. I think it’s safe to say that the crying pictures are behind us.

easter 2017

Although, maybe not when it comes to the sibling cage match we call dying Easter Eggs…

screw dying eggs
Never. Again.

The kids had a total blast on Easter. Not only did they get to hunt for eggs at our house, but my parents had an egg hunt for them, too.

ready to hunt eggs

egg hunt

Last year Liam was only a week old at Easter, so it was fun to see him open eggs and discover (baby safe) treats.

Easter Liam

The kids had the day after Easter off of school, which was great because they needed that extra time to come down from their sugar high. I mean, look at James:

ichiban lipstick for men

No, that’s not Ichiban Lipstick for Men, that’s blue dye from peeps.

At least it matched his eyes.