In two days my baby will be ONE. And even though my little one has been an independent spirit since the day she was born, yesterday she clung to me and only wanted me to play with her. So we had A Day.

First, she decided pants were not necessary:

No pants party
a girl after my own heart

Then, we explored that mysterious place between the toy chest and the baby gate:

turns out, it was kind of a let down

After that, I decided it was time to mix things up with a dance party:

dance party

dance party

dance party
do I have pants on? You’ll never know.

Dancing is exhausting, so we took a nap just like we used to do when she was fresh and new:

nap time
Rigby and my gross eye joined us

I know as my baby gets older, the days when she’ll want to play with me, dance to silly songs, and snuggle will be few and far between. She’s growing so fast (I can only guess how much she weighs now), and all too quickly she’s going to want to only be with her friends.

So on the days she’ll let me, I’m going to hold her close and dance, and drink her all in.