A lot of you have noticed that Annie’s hair has really been coming in. Every day it gets thicker and wavier and LONGER. She’s always had a lot of hair on the top, but it’s finally growing in the back, too.

pretty hair

It’s also been growing longer in the front:

long bangs

It got to the point where her hair was constantly in her eyes. And poor Annie didn’t know what was going on, so she’d rub her eyes and rub in the hair and make it worse. And of course, because her eyes hurt, she wouldn’t let me NEAR them.

I didn’t want to trim her hair until it was much longer, but these bangs were too long, so I knew it was time. We put a little bib on her, strapped her into her high chair, and then my mom forcibly held her arms and head in position so I could make the quick snip.

First hair cut

She did not love it at the time.

first hair cut

It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

sweet new bangs!

I clearly missed my calling as a baby hairstylist.

Mike and I feel so bittersweet about things like this – moments that are innocent and awesome milestones, and yet, moments that we never got with Maddie. The hair trimming was especially hard, though. The only time I cut Madeline’s hair was after she passed away.

I kept the lock of hair I trimmed off of Annabel’s head, and I placed it next to the box that holds Maddie’s hair.

first lock of hair

It feels right to keep them next to each other.