When James has screen time, he’s almost always doing one of two things. He is either playing DJ, switching from song to song in iTunes, or he’s taking pictures (and sometimes he’s playing music while he’s taking pictures. I know, I know. He’s a prodigy.)

The picture thing is always pretty interesting. While I do love watching him shake his booty (because of course he dances along when he’s playing DJ), the pictures give me a little look into his brain, and what he finds important. Of course, like a typical toddler, he is the center of his own universe.

self portrait

He also thinks his feet are very important (weirdo).

foot de James

The show that he and Annabel are currently obsessed with is the Beat Bugs (which is a super-cute show), so he snapped a picture of one of the characters:

the beat bugs

And in an upsetting turn of events, he took a pictures of one of the San Francisco Giants while Mike was watching a game:

giants by james

Let’s hope that was just a fluke.

Pictures like this one are my favorite, though:


He also loves (and I mean LOVES) roaming the house and taking pictures of us in compromising situations. He’s taken pictures of us changing, napping, and eating. But hands-down, the most inappropriate photo he took of Mike was when he was using the bathroom. After we gave him a talking-to about boundaries and privacy, we giggled about it because it was very “James” to burst into the bathroom and yell, “CHEESE PICTURE!” and snap away.

I’d completely forgotten about that picture until recently. My mom was over at the house, watching James do his Dancing DJ thing when he got bored and walked away from his iPad. The music was still blaring, so my mom reached over and turned it off. She got a weird look on her face and said, “Um, what is this?” Apparently, James figured out how to change the wallpaper on his iPad…and he’d made it the picture he’d taken of Mike using the bathroom (nothing private was visible, but it looked…weird). I tried to explain to my mom what happened, but it was hard because I was also cracking up.

Now we lock the bathroom doors when James has screen time…just to be safe.