James and Annie both came down with New School-Year Colds during the second week of school. I was a fanatic about not getting it. I had my cousin’s shower, then my trip to NYC, then my parents were leaving town for a week. Mike caught it last week, bad enough that he actually stayed home from work twice. I thought I’d managed to dodge the illness bullet, but on Monday morning in New York I woke up with my eyes and throat torn up from sinus drainage. I’d caught it.

And guess who else is sick? If you chose either kid, you’d be right.

A couch full of sickos

James is actually in pretty good shape compared to us, with just a very stubborn runny nose. Annie and I have coughs, congestion, fever, the whole shebang.

Being sick when your kids are also sick is a crime against the universe. I hate not being able to comfort Annie the way I’d like, and I hate that James is a machine who can’t be brought down by the common cold. He’s still climbing, jumping, poking…he’s crazy.

I was going to write more here but I just had a ten-minute cough and sneeze fit where I’m pretty sure half of my brain came out of my nose. Like I mentioned, my parents are on vacation, and they are my “entertain this baby while Annie and I recover” go-tos. So I’m looking for advice: How do you entertain an active almost-16-month-old while you cough and sneeze so often you feel like your head might split in half?

I need some trick ideas and I need ’em now. Save us from this baby who likes to climb on the couch and jump off.


Thank you for your tips. Our living area is now covered with pillows and a bunch of toys James has never seen before, so he’s in heaven! Last night Annie and I both had some coughing/wheezing episodes, so we went to the doc this morning. I’m touchy about respiratory afflictions, and that really terrible enterovirus made it to our state last week and I wanted to rule it out. The good news is that Annie just has a bad cold. I have bronchitis, but the doc gave me a nice prescription so I will hopefully be feeling better pronto. I’m just happy my kids don’t have it! Anyway, thanks to all of you for always be so nice about these silly little bugs. When one of my kids starts coughing I always flash back to April 2009. I always repeat to myself “they’re healthy, they’re healthy,” but it’s nice to have understanding people around us (and a doctor who is happy to confirm that they are, in fact, healthy).