Mike and I waited until last year to let Annie start playing sports. When she was younger, she was the type of kid who, if she couldn’t master something quickly, would become frustrated and stop trying. Waiting until she was 6 to start sports was definitely the right decision for her. I always thought we’d follow the same path for James, but it became clear that he wasn’t frustrated by…well, anything.

After watching Annie play softball for a year, James was ITCHING to get out on the field. He constantly said, “I wanna play! When do I get to play?” So after talking about it, Mike and I decided to sign him up for t-ball this year.

OMG you guys. It’s HILARIOUS. The boys (some teams have girls, James’ team doesn’t) are four to five years old, and they’re all incredibly eager, incredibly excited, and incredibly distractable. I thought my six-and-under softball team last year had a short attention span — these boys make those girls look like dedicated graduate students. I give major props to the coaches, they have so much patience.

Almost the entire first month of the season was rained out, so the kids only started playing games last month. They are so cute in their uniforms it actually physically hurts me.

little league

And yes, James’ team is the Dodgers, which brings me TREMENDOUS joy. And Mike is very, very unhappy about it. I love it.

There are always approximately 100 adults on the field (slight exaggeration) to keep the kids focused. It might seem excessive, but without so many adults out there, the kids would be dog-piling on top of every hit ball. And believe me, even with so many grownups out there, the kids are still tackling each other to get the ball. It’s hilarious, a kid hits a dribbler down the third baseline and the boys come charging from all over the field — second base, right field, you name it — and all dive on the ball like it was a fumbled football. Boys! You are on the same team!

Little League
Doesn’t it look like he’s threw the ball that’s on the poster behind him?

Oh, and the parents who are out there on the field? They have to wear team shirts. Which means….


You know I IMMEDIATELY sent that picture to Mike’s dad, who declared the photo, “sickening.” LOLOLOLOL

James LOVES t-ball. He asks every day if he has practice or a game, and gets upset when I say no. I’m really happy he’s enjoying it so much, especially since he’s so young.

ball player

As much as he likes playing in the field, he LOVES hitting. The coaches just started pitching to the kids (after exclusively having them hit off the tee for a few weeks), and James thinks it’s the best thing ever.

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But if you ask James, he’ll tell you his favorite part of every game is the end. Why? “We give high fives and say ‘good game’ and then we run the bases and THEN I get a popsicle!”

good game

running the bases

Ours is a baseball-loving house, so it’s great to see James falling in love with the game too. Especially since he’s doing it as a member of The Dodgers! (Right, Mike?)