My parents watched Rigby the first night we were gone, before our super-awesome dog sitter Lauren could take over. We’re lucky that we have people who love our dog as much as we do.

On Thursday, my mom took Rigby for a walk first thing in the morning. My parents were also going out of town (to celebrate their wedding anniversary), and they were looking to get an early start on the day. My mom and Rigby were almost back to my parents’ house when my mom noticed Rigby was limping. Thinking Rigby had stepped on a thorn, my mom picked Rigby up and pulled at the thorn in her paw…except it wasn’t a thorn. It was a bee.

This wasn’t the first time Rigby stepped on a bee. Seven years ago she stepped on one at my parents’ old house, when, just like my mom, I’d assumed Rigby had stepped on a thorn and pulled a thrashing bee off of her paw. Not even ten minutes before Rigby’s encounter, my visiting friend Brianne had told a crazy story about a dog she was caring for having a terrible allergic reaction to a bee sting. Brianne drove Rigby and me to the pet hospital, where the vet told us we’d done the right thing bringing her in. It didn’t appear that Rigby was allergic, but you can never be too careful.

After my mom pulled the bee off Rigby, she saw that Rigby’s leg was twitching violently and Rigby was shaking. Remembering Brianne’s story, she whisked Rigby to the vet to be checked out. While she dealt with Rigby, my dad called my cell phone to tell me what was happening. I woke up totally confused, because we were in a dark hotel room (blackout curtains, yay!), but when I saw my dad calling at 7am I knew it wasn’t good.

Luckily he told me fairly quickly that it appeared everything was fine, but my heart almost came out of my chest in those first few seconds! My dad said my mom would call me as soon as she could.

Thanks to the early hour, Rigby was seen right away and it wasn’t long until my mom called me. The vet saw some inflammation around Rigby’s nail bed, so she shaved the fur around her paw, then wrapped it with a bandage to prevent Rigby from licking it. Rigby was NOT AMUSED.

so pissed

The vet also sent home a twice-a-day medication to help with Rigby’s swelling. I started to think that maybe we should turn around, but the vet assured my mom that Rigby would be completely fine and that we all should go on our trips. Even so, my mom delayed their leaving time by a few hours. I texted with Amazing Dog Sitter Lauren and she told me she’d love to help nurse Rigby back to health. I felt a lot better knowing Rigby was going to be in such capable hands.

Even so, I was always pretty happy when Lauren sent pictures of Rigby, bandage and all.

passed out


On Sunday she had her bandage off and we discovered how weird a hairless dog paw looks.

cute dog, gross paw

I don’t want to look directly at it.

I am so relieved she’s okay. Rigby will be ten this year and just thinking about her getting older makes me a little choked up. This dog has been my constant companion since the day we brought her home and the thought of something happening to her terrifies me. I need many more years with my pup, I love her so.